#1. Question - This is my first time landscaping, how does the process work?


Answer – We setup an initial estimate to view your property and take measurements, once we have an understanding of your ideas and options for the yard, we come up with an itemized quote, once you have decided to move forward with Savannascapes, it’s typically a $1,000 deposit and we start drawing the plans and submit plans to HOA for approval.


#2. Question – What is your timeframe from start to finish?


Answer - Depends on the scope of work, but the average home is 2-4 weeks from start to finish.


#3 Question – Do you draw the plans for the HOA?


Answer – Yes, we design the complete landscape plans for HOA approval.


Question #4 – What size projects do you work on?

Answer - We work on any size projects, from small townhomes, to estate sizes homes.


Question #5 – Do you install swimming pools?

Answer – We do not install swimming pools nor work with swimming pool contractors.


Question #6 – Do you have subcontractors?

Answer – We do not employ subcontractors.


Question #7 – What times are you available for landscape estimates

Answer – Monday - Thursday 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Question #8 What is the warranty ?


The one-year warranty: New construction 

The standard “one year expressed limited warranty” also known as
the “Fit and Finish warranty” is an industry standard and a California
CALIFORNIA CIVIL CODE 900], and is considered an implied

Four-year warranty: All contractors / all jobs
A licensed contractor is required to give a warranty on items installed
under his /her license to be free from defective installation.
requirements for up to four years after the completion of a job.  The
claim may be made on any defect, either known or unknown, and
discovered within the four-year period 

Ten-year warranty: Structural defects

A licensed contractor and/or the engineer on record is required to
provide a warranty on certain engineered components that they are
to be free form engineering defects, miscalculation or omissions.

These defects may be considered Latent defects. Latent defects are defects which lay
dormant and are undiscoverable without certain expertise or disaster.